Results Driven Solutions

Science is a process of taking an idea, testing it, and using the result to improve on that
idea, until the desired result is achieved. That is a result driven process. Laskin
Medical Skin Systems®
has used this method to improve our formulations until they
can produce the most remarkable results. We understand skin, all types, tones,
Fitzpatricks, and ethnicities. Working alongside our dedicated team of chemists,
we formulate and manufacture treatments and home care products, in an FDA approved
facility. Laskin Medical Skin Systems® is a science based, result driven company.

I love dermaplaning so much. It has been a tremendous help to my face versus waxing. My skin used to break out and lift with waxing. With dermaplaning, I just go in and don’t break out and it is not painful like waxing. It truly has changed my life!

– Jennifer Everett

The Story of My Face

I have had trouble with my skin my whole entire life. I have had sensitive troubled skin.

When I was growing up my skin was always dry and flaky. I couldn’t use any products to help. They all made it worse.

I tried a very long string of products. Just to mention a few; Mary Kay, Lancome, Este Lauder, Avon and numerous over the counter products. It did not matter how expensive or how promising the product was, nothing seemed to work for me.

In my late twenties, after having my children, my skin took a turn for the worse. I developed cystic acne and tried everything to get rid of it. Nothing worked and most products made it worse. I eventually had to take Accutane after trying several prescription medications that failed to help. This cleared up the acne but didn’t do anything to help my other problems with sensitive skin. In fact, the Accutane made my skin even more sensitive.

My skin returned to its dry and flaky self. I continued to break out occasionally. I had rough dry patches on my face most of the time. Some products that I tried made me break out in a rash. I had a new problem too. I got ugly scars from my acne. I tried everything to hide my ugly skin. I went to tanning beds because I thought having a tan face hid my scars. This left me with sun damage on top of everything else. I struggled like this for many years.

This spring my best friend told me she had been going to an esthetician for her skin problems. She mentioned that her esthetician was developing her own skincare line and was also looking for people to test her products. She was even looking for someone with sensitive skin. This seemed too good to be true.

I met with Janet Kendall that same week. Janet went over the products and what explained my responsibilities for testing products. Still thinking this was too good to be true; I was excited to test the products.

Janet started me very slowly on the products because of my history of having such sensitive skin. I was skeptical because of all the products that failed to work in the past but was excited for chance to have beautiful skin.

The very first week I noticed that my skin was changing. I didn’t have any bad reaction to the products at all.

The second week I could definitely feel a bid difference.

I began getting chemical peels. I wanted to just quit the first time I got a peel. I thought surely there was no way my face had any skin left due to the amount of skin that was peeling off. Janet explained that this was all of the unhealthy and dead skin exfoliating but that it was normal. I continued to faithfully use the products and in for peels biweekly.

Janet slowly added more products to my skincare regiment when she thought my face was able to tolerate more. Janet and I were both amazed that my face never showed any signs of sensitivity to any of the products.

She then had me start using a few products that were not specifically made for sensitive skin. Again we were both amazed. No bad reaction at all!

I have been using the products for several years now. My pores are smaller, my skin is extremely healthy and looks incredible!

My skin was so bad before, I never went anywhere without makeup. I always wore makeup at home even when I was just cleaning. I even wore it when I went camping. I was jealous when I saw my friends that were able to be carefree and go without anything on their faces.

Today, I still wear makeup of course but never to camp and never to clean my house. I am so proud of the way my face looks now. It looks younger and healthier. My acne scars are so much less noticeable. I am no longer self-conscious of them. My sun damage is gone too.

I have been given a wonderful gift! I will always be thankful that I was so lucky to be one of Janet’s testers.

Thank you Janet! I appreciate all you have done for me! I love you!

– Sheilah Gothier