Results Driven Solutions

Science is a process of taking an idea, testing it, and using the result to improve on that
idea, until the desired result is achieved. That is a result driven process. Laskin
Medical Skin Systems®
has used this method to improve our formulations until they
can produce the most remarkable results. We understand skin, all types, tones,
Fitzpatricks, and ethnicities. Working alongside our dedicated team of chemists,
we formulate and manufacture treatments and home care products, in an FDA approved
facility. Laskin Medical Skin Systems® is a science based, result driven company.

Living in Florida from time to time since I was 10 years old, tanning was a norm for me. My goal as a teen was to get as dark as a tree truck. I did not realize how sun damaged my face was, until I started using Laskin Medical Skin Systems at the end of February 2009. After 3 months my skin looks and feels truly amazing. My skin is soft, naturally pink and moist. The sun damage is gone, no more age spots and fine lines have disappeared to very small fine lines. I feel so fortunate at the age of 61 years to be educated about my skin and to realize how important the proper treatment and product is to accomplish you goal for a youthful look. You never get too old to learn something new. Education creates agelessness. I am already sharing what I have learned with my friends, daughter and granddaughters. Your face is the first thing people see. Your skin should be as pretty as your smile.

– Wanda Harness

Before Dermaplaning, I used to wax my face the old fashioned way with hot wax. Not only was it painful, my face would break out with acne that would last a week. Since dermaplaning, I have no more break-outs and there is no pain. Dermaplaning also gets the dead skin off my face and my face has never looked better or smoother. I will never wax again, thanks to dermaplaning.

– Lorrie Beamer