Results Driven Solutions

Science is a process of taking an idea, testing it, and using the result to improve on that
idea, until the desired result is achieved. That is a result driven process. Laskin
Medical Skin Systems®
has used this method to improve our formulations until they
can produce the most remarkable results. We understand skin, all types, tones,
Fitzpatricks, and ethnicities. Working alongside our dedicated team of chemists,
we formulate and manufacture treatments and home care products, in an FDA approved
facility. Laskin Medical Skin Systems® is a science based, result driven company.

As a little girl, I was the one with the long-sleeved shirt playing outside when the temperature was 100 degrees. I was the little girl who wore long pants to cover the rashes on her legs-pride starts at an early age. I am a victim to sensitive skin. Never have I been able to use a skin product system without consequences. Several years ago, I tried Mary Kay’s skin system-cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. My husband and I were on a business trip, when somewhere over Nevada my face began to burn. I quickly went to the bathroom and tried to wash the product off my face. I continued some burn. The result was scabs on my face. I feel fortunate I did not scar. I tried a few other skin care systems, with similar results. I have not found a product I can use. Even Neutrogena sunscreen for faces has resulted in a burning sensation. When I have my brow waxed, I have to use a special wax made for sensitive skin. Any other wax will tear my skin. When I was asked to participated in this trial, I was a bit fearful. The results are amazing. I am an outdoor person, playing tennis several hours a day in the hot sun. As a result, I have dark spots on my face. This new Laskin Medical product has produced amazing results for me. My skin is healthy and the dark spots have faded to almost nothing. My skin is smooth and even. My wrinkles are minimal. With continued use, I am sure my dark spots will disappear altogether. I have had no adverse problems with the product and will recommend it to all my friends. I was in Mac’s at Cherry Creek to buy some eye shadow and the gentleman waiting on me commented on what beautiful skin I had. When total strangers compliment a woman 60 years old, on her skin, she feels beautiful.

– Christine Richardson

Laskin Medical,

This has been my experience while using your products.

Forty years ago as a teenager I would bake in the sun each summer, never using sun-screen. Consequently, my skin has a lot of pigmentation and sun damage. When I first began to use your products, it seemed like the sun damage rose to the surface of my skin. I was blotchy and red and could see a lot of freckles. Now, after almost 16 weeks, my age spots and freckles are fading and my skin looks much brighter and clearer. My skin looks and feels dewy and smooth, much younger and fresher to me. My forehead was always oily by midday, but now stays normal all day when I use the gel in the mornings.

I’ve used Mary Kay and Lancome products but they left my skin feeling tight and then oily later in the day. Neither program improved the look and feel of my skin. In fact, many of the products felt too heavy and mad my pores feel like they were clogged. Your products are the first products that have made my skin feel clean and healthy from inside out. My friends and family constantly tell me how good my skin looks.

Thank you

– Kathy L. Moore