Custom Skin Care Products

Laskin Medical Skin Systems custom skin care products are designed to be used as a comprehensive skin care regimen that will correct and change the texture of your skin, enabling your skin to perform the process of ridding itself of damaged and dead skin cells and generating fresh new, healthy skin at the cellular level. Additionally, our products will feed, nourish and protect your new skin.

The change in your skin's health and its outward appearance will be profound. We will educate you in how to maintain the results achieved through our treatments.

Laskin Medical Skin Sytems' custom skin care products are Paraben and Sulfite Free*.

Retail Product: Size: Price:
4N1 2 oz $250.00
Amino Peptide Plus Exfoliator 2 oz $80.00
AQ1 Cleanser 4 oz $60.00
CBP Cream 1 oz $60.00
Coleman Cream 2 oz $95.00
Cream Moisturizer 2 oz $95.00
Daily Foaming Cream Cleanser 2 oz $60.00
Daily Foaming Gel Cleanser 5.8 oz $50.00
Growth Factor Serum 2 oz $220.00
Hydra-Cool Gel 2 oz $120.00
Laskin Outdoors 1 oz $30.00
Laskin Skin Prep 1 oz $50.00
Light Correction Cream 1 oz $52.00
Matrixyl Eye Brightening Cream .5 oz $95.00
Medium Correction Cream 1 oz $56.00
pH Balancing Toner 7.5 oz $40.00
Post Soothe Cream 1 oz $66.00
Protection Plus Hydrator and Brightener 2 oz $80.00
Rejuvenating Cream 1 oz $100.00
RSQ Post Treatment Cream 2 oz $50.00
Spot Correction Cream 1 oz $60.00
Vitamin C Serum 1 oz $115.00
Z Cream 2 oz $140.00
Zinc Mask 9 oz $120.00


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