Acne Treatments

Are you suffering from acne and tired of seeing little to no results from over-the-counter products that do not work? Laskin Medical Skin Systems understands what you're going through, and offers a variety of customized acne treatment programs to not only improve your acne and treat each pimple, but ultimately clear your acne and prevent it from coming back.

Why come to Laskin Medical Skin Systems?

Our acne treatment protocol includes customized treatments as well as personal skin care and acne coaching. Laskin Medical skin care specialists educate, support,and guide you throughout your acne treatment program. Personalized care includes phone and texting access to our trained skin care specialists should you have questions in the evening and weekends. Get rid of acne scarring and reveal beautiful skin.

What is comprehensive skin care?

Laskin Medical Skin Systems utilizes blood and hormone testing, to identify the cause of your acne (adult acne and teen acne) and prevent it from coming back. We work on a corrective diagnosis, working on the root of your acne problem rather than treating only its symptoms. As your skin improves, we teach you how to maintain clear skin every day.

What products and acne treatments are available?

For treating irritating acne, we offer a variety of effective topical skin care solutions as well as exfoliating treatments to keep your skin healthy and fresh. For patients wanting to get rid of old and bothersome acne scars, we offer corrective skin care, including microneedling, customized facial treatments and chemical peels.


What are the benefits of the Laskin Medical acne treatments?

Laskin Medical Skin Systems acne treatments are quick, easy, and best of all - affordable! No matter what your budget, we have a treatment plan for you!

Other benefits of our acne treatment programs include:

  • Clear, soft, younger looking skin
  • Increased self esteem and confidence
  • Knowledge about acne and how to self-manage at home

Acne Treatment - Before & After Photos